New Business in Town: Caribbean Art Gallery in Casco Antiguo

Inauguration Caribbean Art Gallery at Casco AntiguoDiversity is Panama´s strongest feature. We have so many cultural influences! and not all of them are properly celebrated. So we are very glad to announce the openning of a special gallery where you can acquire art from Portobelo, which is located in our Caribbean Coast at Colón Province.

These pieces where done by local artists lead by Panamanian photographer Sandra Eleta (    or see photos at:  )  where they express mostly through their “congo” culture.  The “congos” of Portobelo is an interesting culture dating from the Spanish colony where slaves had to disguise their beliefs into dances and even language. They speak backwards, and the dress in raggs, dolls and used things in a mockery of “their masters”.  Their dances are voluptous, mainly at the rythm of drums and a chorus of girls singing and clapping.

If you would like to learn more about the congos of Portobelo, don´t miss this gallery! It is located at 3rd street, in front of the Arco Chato, beside the Office of Casco Antiguo.

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