Local Entrepreneurs open VIP Fruit and Sandwiches…. in Casco Viejo!

A Mother and Daughter business

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing to see. Especially among a local population not used to get organized and to think ahead or take control of their lives.  But once motivation and the right tools are in place, wonderful things happen, and this is how a neighborhood can get trully integrated into the revitalization process rather than just see it happen from a distance. At any scale, this is the right step towards a better future!

So, I´m ultra- proud to announce the opening of a small but very significant Mother & Daughter business: VIP Fruit and Sandwiches!  right beside VIP Barber shop at Avenida A and Calle 4ta. I just had a great fruit milkshake for a $1, right in front of the Art Deco building.

Each milkshake or hamburger contains:

1. 517 calories of self esteem and pride
2. 600 calories of positive work and good vibe

So go ahead and support this venture!


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