Casco Antiguo Beach Lifestyle

Casco Viejo has beaches. This is Casco´s most guarded secret. It actually has several beaches, this one below being one of the biggest and most used, especially on Sundays when the local softball, beisball or  soccer leagues show up with their group of fans. The entire Sunday becomes a bundle of screaming: “corre, corre” (run, run!) “dale, dale” (hit it, hit it!) or ayala vida! ( polite version of: #%&#). Carne en palito everywhere, pollo asado and beer to cheer both winners and loosers.

How was it that Panama lost it´s beach lifestyle, I don´t really know. I am glad, though, that this extint way of lifestyle (for the modern Panama City) is still very much alive here. Granted, you won´t see girls running around in bikinis or guys in tight pants, but it is really enjoyable and relaxed. Next Sunday you are around, don´t forget to visit them!  ps. just don´t get into the water yet, we are still working on that one.


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