Succesful Food and Art Show in Casco Viejo: Slideluck Potshow

Last Tuesday was the first Panama Edition of Slideluck Postshow Panama. For those who didn´t read my prior posting, this event had a great concept: basically everyone could show up with something cooked by themselves to share with others while a super slideshow of different Panamanian and international artists played. Sounds wacky, but it was great. We had a fantastic crowd and no less than 20 artists from Brazil to Panama showing spectacular stuff, mainly photography and painting.

Of course, I was not one of the artists, since I´m not the best photographer in the world. Actually, my camera decided not to work, so I´m posting one that Casey kindly sent us.

The good news is that the event was so sucessful that they´ll work now on a second edition! Slideluck Potshow will soon upload all the info and pictures of the event in their website: 


  1. Unca Fraydoh says:
    March 7, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    Sound wonderful. Looks wonderful. Sorry we’re sitting en Carolina Norte, Los Estados Unidos!

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