Quintessentially Extravaganza Party in Casco Antiguo

Last night most of Panama´s socialites (or our version of it anyways) gathered in Paseo Las Bovedas, to the launch party of Quintessentially. I have to say I was pretty impressed by the organization, especially in Panama! if you don´t know them yet, check out their website: http://www.quintessentially.com/index.php?lang=PA 

It was a white linen extravaganza, so everyone had to show up in white. It was easy for me, but I know of someone that had to wear his judo pants… Well, no one noticed and I´m sure he was not the only one. The party started at the bouganvillea walk (Paseo Hurtado), with a romantic carpet of rose petals that led the way. Once at the point of Las Bóvedas there were several stands, massage from Alta Vita Spa,  a Real Estate one (of course!) strategically located in front of the Tequila (by Patron) bar where you could get sunrise tequila with or without the sunny part.


There was a great, relaxed, ambiance, everyone enjoyed themselves. The night was perfect, good ocean breeze. After a while we walked down to Plaza Francia. They organized a swimsuit fashion show with 14 top colombian models coming out of a Jaguar car. Quite fancy! Finally, we ended up at Las Bovedas bar which made the perfect lounge to ask for more drinks non tequila related.

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