Performing Arts Festival… get your tickets now!

April 3rd to 11th, 2008

Be prepared for daring contemporary theatre and dance from artists from United States, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico.. Shows will be at the National Theatre, at the Anita Villalaz Theatre (at Las Bovedas) and on Casco Antiguo´s biggest scenario: its streets and plazas.

Tickets for individual events will range between $5 to $20, of course outdoors events are free, mainly supported by tickets proceeds.

This is the list of the theatre companies performing: Teatro La Zaranda (Spain), Teatro Timbre 4 (Argentina), Teatro La Luna (Cuba), Teatro Complot (Uruguay). Contemporary Dance Companies: Lola Lince (Mexico), L´Explose (Colombia), Milvia Martinez and Analida Galindo (Panama).

Also, during this Festival, the Anita Villalaz Theatre and the bohemian spot La Casona will have their own happenings with …

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