Is Casco Viejo for you?

The perfect casconianStill undecided? Take our  Casconian Personality Test

1. You enjoy traveling to undiscovered places in small groups rather

than big groups and mass destinations.

2. Someone splashes you with water while walking down the street and

your immediate reaction is to laugh and look around for something to

splash back with.

3. You hate highrises. (Add 50 points just for this)

4. You love to mingle with local communities and learn their culture

and language… and you just can´t get your hands away from that

delicious street food.

5. You enjoy volunteering and organizing community events.

6. Your tolerance for Friday night music is high… very high. Well,

it might actually be Saturday and Sunday as well. Or pay day,

anytime… And if you are known in your own neighborhood as the one

with the loud music, add another 10 points.

7. Your glass is always half full, never half empty.

8. You have a good time at Disney with your kids for a day once a

year, but would hate to actually live there.

9. You are a creative type, even if not working formally on a creative

field, you have a romantic vein that spreads into anything and

everything you do.

10. You are a treehugger… even if you don´t admit it.

Scored high? you might be the “Casco Type” …  Know someone who would? send them this post

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