Casco Viejo Footbal TShirt helps local children get books to start their school year

March is the month when most schools start in Panama. In a few weeks, the Casco (and the country) will be filled with excited kids running around like crazy in their blue uniforms (either new or inherited ones from older brothers and sisters) with smiles on their faces walking to school.

Despite all their enthusiasm, truth is that most parents from the community find it very difficutl to buy all the necessary books and materials.

This year, they will have some help from Fundación Calicanto (as long as this campaign works!!!) through the funds of the Casco Football TShirt.  It is only $10 per TShirt, but is a huge improvement for each kid.

How to buy: either email us at: patrizia@arcoproperties with the size and a phone number we can call to get your credit card number or call us directly at (507) 211-2548.  If you want a donation receipt from Fundación Calicanto, please let us know.  Or email directly the foundation at: .

Either way you would be making the world a better place!  plus, the TShirt design is quite cool…

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