Casco Viejo´s flea market

FYI: Casco Viejo has it´s flea market every first sunday of the month. This past sunday we were there giving out information on our low income housing (for the people of the barrio to be able to buy their own home in the neighborhood:,guid,a29debad-4590-4c40-9cd0-96cb8a44025d.aspx ) but you can find so much more!From traditional clothing and handcrafts to antiques and ethnic “fusion” clothing. Postcards, “checheres” as we call it, handmade jewerly, pots, food, delicacies and local. It even had a small show organized by the Oficina del Casco Antiguo, with traditional dancing.

Of course, under Panama´s summer sun, the best is to have a “raspao” (shaved ice). In Panama, raspao comes in 3 flavors: red, purple and lemon. (doing???). For extra 10 cents you get extra condensed milk.

Don´t miss it! perfect for a lazy sunday.

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