Panama: A Green Casco Antiguo … Un Casco Viejo Ecológico

Panama, Casco Antiguo
Casco Viejo, San Felipe

Here is an exciting project on the move: transforming Casco Antiguo into an organic
garden. Our friend and organic specialist Spencer Woodard is already working on it,
and I have to say it´s fascinating. I love all green stuff, a tree hugger myself (I
used to work for ANCON and then for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in
Panama, plus all sorts of eco trips I do every now and then) I´m a great fan of turning
anything green, but this friend of ours is really passionate about it.

His idea is to introduce in the parks at the plazas and other forgotten green areas
small, designed, organic gardens. They could have themes as “exotic plants” or “edible
leafs from Central America” or just serve as community gardens where to teach children
about nature and practical life. Well run, an organic garden could produce enough
to balance the diet of a number of families, so I think it might be a good project
for the local community and a great example for other places to reproduce.

Here are some pictures of the plants he already has ready. He had “saril” which is
a fruit we Panamanians love to use for “chicha” on Christmas. I´m not sure why not
the rest of the year, but traditionally this spicy and refreshing drink is only made
in December. He also had a plant where the leaves are rich in Omega 3, for those who
follow the last discoveries in nutrition and health, apparently Omega 3 is important
for your general wellbeing. All grown in a backyard! It could even be arranged for
most of this to grow on a balcony.

In no particular order, here are some shots of his “vivero”…

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