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Panama´s Property Tax Exemption extended until December 2009. 20 years of free ride.

Panama, Casco Antiguo Casco Viejo, San Felipe Published today at La Prensa: Real Estate: new term ends on December 31st 2009.  This extention was on the eye of a lot of people: both panamanian and foreign. The former law ended in August 2007, for which the apartment had to have it´s occupation permits before that date. Otherwise, the property would enter in a chart of lower incentives, but that still would provide a 5 year exemption for the high end product.  Today´s news is that the government decided to extend the law for project that would get their occupation permits … Continue reading

Panama Art: San Felipe es un espejo perfecto de Panamá…. San Felipe is the perfect mirror of Panama

Panama, Casco Antiguo Casco Viejo, San Felipe By Guido Bilbao… This was the opening text for the art exhibition called Greyskull, the Memoires of a Castle, and I think it´s quite right: ” San Felipe es un espejo perfecto de Panamá. Todas las contradicciones que enriquecen y aniquilan las raíces de un país, en este barrio se transfiguran en historias increíbles. Como la del Castillo Greyskull. Un edificio que atravesó, sintiéndolo en sus paredes, la historia política y social que nos trajo hasta aquí. Su historia sigue moviéndose al ritmo pendular de una sociedad que desde su nacimiento se bambolea … Continue reading

Panama: A Green Casco Antiguo … Un Casco Viejo Ecológico

Panama, Casco Antiguo Casco Viejo, San Felipe Here is an exciting project on the move: transforming Casco Antiguo into an organic garden. Our friend and organic specialist Spencer Woodard is already working on it, and I have to say it´s fascinating. I love all green stuff, a tree hugger myself (I used to work for ANCON and then for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, plus all sorts of eco trips I do every now and then) I´m a great fan of turning anything green, but this friend of ours is really passionate about it. His idea is to … Continue reading